The Sellability Score

Retire Ready.
Is your company valuable? Is it sellable?
Get your company’s Sellability Score and find out how your business would measure up if you tried to sell it.

You have devoted years of hard work to building your company but now you are contemplating making an important transition. We can assist you in determining the best options for selling your business.

To get a better sense of where your business ranks on the scale of being easy or hard to sell, start by completing a short questionnaire to get your Sellability Score. It’s confidential, absolutely free and takes less than 15 minutes.

Get your Sellability Score

The self-assessment tool provides you with scores for the eight most important factors that contribute to your company’s “sellability,” including financial performance, growth potential and customer satisfaction.

Once you have completed the online questionnaire, you will immediately receive a Sellability Score out of 100, along with instructions for interpreting your results. As well, we will send you a comprehensive 24 page report which outlines your results and a list of the eight key drivers for sellability and why these attributes are important.

This report is a great starting point for a discussion about your company’s readiness for a sale now or in the future.

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